Bark Mulch

Not all products are the same

In today's market you will see advertisements for “Bark,” or even “Bark Mulch.” Please note, if they are not advertising 100% bark there is a good chance they are using ground wood or other fillers in their product line.  While these products might be more profitable for the supplier, they do not offer the same rich, dimensional pop that 100% bark mulch offers the end user. In some cases, the product could also be hazardous to the plantings you hope to protect and highlight. Ground wood provides an ideal breading ground for Artillery Fungus and other mold spores. These are the primary cause of the small black dots you sometimes see on the sides of your house. Roberts Brothers' premium bark mulches avoid these pitfalls, offering superior quality to our customers


Why choose us?

  • Competitive wholesale pricing and delivery options, throughout the Pioneer Valley, using our own fleet of trucks. 

  • Retail pricing upon request

  • A variety of color enhanced 100% bark products

  • Colorants are added to meet specific color requirements NOT to mask fillers and additives

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Royal Forest Blend

Our signature product, Roberts Royal Forest Blend is 100% natural bark mulch. With Roberts Brothers' bark mulch, there are no fillers or additives to takeaway from the all natural beauty of our products. We start with 100% bark taken from our own mill, let it naturally age, then double grind it into a rich, deep brown tone product that complements any landscape design.

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Our Hilltown Hemlock Blend is a popular product manufactured from local hemlock trees. This mix has a reddish hue and is purchased by landscapers and homeowners alike for its decorative value. 

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Our Black Forest Blend is another popular option is a dyed mulch manufactured from the same double ground material as our Royal Forest Blend. After processing, this mix is carefully darkened through the application of a household approved colorant to give it a deep black hue.