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Roberts Brothers manufactures a wide range of lumber products including cabin logs, grade lumber, fixed-width boards, pallet lumber, and hardwood dimension products used in furniture manufacture of furniture, kitchen, and bathroom cabinetry and hardwood flooring. Our company is proud to sell the best red oak in the world, 99.9% mineral free. Our company is equipped with two laser guided single-mount circular saw mills, each operating independently and fed only debarked logs. Our band re-saw doubles our yearly production, increasing lumber quality and enabling us to quarter and rift-saw our lumber.

Our regular production includes a variety of different hardwood and softwood species. Hardwood lumber produced at our facility includes Soft Maple, Hard Maple, White Oak, Red Oak, Northern White Ash, Yellow Birch, Black Locust, Cherry, and Beach cut into a variety of dimensional sizes. We also cut a variety of orders of softwood lumber including eastern white pine, hemlock, and spruce. Roberts Brothers sells lumber to several major brokerage firms to the international market as well as to retail customers from our Spruce Corner location. 

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