Timber Harvesting


A forest that is carefully managed and whose timber is properly harvested will grow better grade timber at faster growth rates, while preserving wildlife habitats and open space.

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Managed Harvesting

Our saw logs are primarily procured from private landowners in southern New England. We also harvest timber annually on the 2,000 acres of forestland owned or leased by the company. All timber is transported by truck to our mill at Spruce Corner in Ashfield where we grade, scale, and stockpile it to await processing.

To maintain our log inventory, we harvest 40 to 50 privately owned parcels per year on a total land area of 1,500-2,000 acres, yielding up to 8 million board feet of lumber. We take care to preserve the environmental quality to the forest land and water resources. All work performed by our employees and subcontractors is fully insured.

During harvest, we are aware that each forest has its own unique properties which must be respected and we are attentive to the impact of our activities on the wildlife asthetics, and recreational use of the forest land. We believe that proper land management improves the health of the forest and aids in preserving woodland areas from development. Roberts Brothers Lumber Co. is a licensed timber harvester in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and abides by all regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.

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Land Management Mother Nature Can Be Proud Of

Forests and their timber are valuable natural resources that we at Roberts Brothers and you, the landowner want to manage and protect for future generations. Leaving timber land unmanaged not only forces the landowner to forgo valuable income streams but also can result in damage to the forest which can take decades to repair. A forest that is carefully managed and whose timber is properly harvested will grow better grade timber at faster growth rates. A well managed forest will also give its wildlife inhabitants a sunnier and more bountiful environment to live in. 

Depending on the size of your forest and the species of timber growing in it, a harvest can net you a financial benefit of many thousands of dollars while safeguarding your property for the future. Our objective is to create a relationship between ourselves and the landowner- and most important, the environment- that benefits all. Our goal is to leave your forest land healthier and looking better than it did before we harvested it. Through our careful stewardship and skillful lumbering we accomplish a timber harvest that Mother Nature herself would be proud of. 


Considering a harvest on your land? Contact Us so we can discuss the management of your forest land.